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ADSL Plus (unshaped ADSL)

Unshaped ADSL Accounts for the best performance + flexibility. Unshaped ADSL Plus operates just like the regular shaped ADSL packages, with one major difference: unshaped bandwidth - the best performance possible from ADSL in South Africa today. With Shaped ADSL your download and upload speeds are fixed where Unshaped ADSL allows to utilize you full line speed for upload or download. Unshaped ADSL Plus is best suited for online gaming, online trading and similar activities.
Please note: All prices listed exclude VAT and Telkom ADSL line charges.

Unshaped ADSL Account features:

  • No Cap - Use it as much as you like.
  • Unshaped Bandwidth - The lowest latency available.
  • Free E-Mail - E-Mail account that includes spam and virus blocking.
  • FREE 10 MB Hosting Space - Storage space for your website.
  • SAIX Network - Fibre-Optic international network connections.

ADSL Package Name Internet Traffic E-Mail Accounts Base Price / month Each Extra 100 MB
ADSL 500+ 500 MB 1 R69.99 R15.00
ADSL 2000+ 2000 MB 2 R229.99 R15.00
ADSL 3000+ 3000 MB 3 R329.99 R15.00
ADSL 4000+ 4000 MB 4 R429.99 R15.00
ADSL 5000+ 5000 MB 5 R539.00 R15.00
ADSL 10000+ 10000 MB 10 R1049.99 R15.00

Telkom ADSL Line Charges

Please note that a fixed Residential telephone line is reguired for a DSL Line and not a pay-as-you-go line.

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line Installation Monthly Rental
Connectivity Excl VAT Incl VAT Excl VAT Incl VAT
Residential line rental (exchange connection)  336.29 383.37 98.16 111.90
Business line rental (exchange connection) 336.29 383.37 130.42 148.68
4096 ADSL line 429.82 490.00 362.28 413.00
512 ADSL line 429.82 490.00 285.96 326.00
384 ADSL line 429.82 490.00 133.33 152.00

Check Telkom ADSL line Availability in your area for your unshaped ADSL account

To confirm whether or not your exchange is DSL enabled please enter your area code and telephone number in the fields as indicated below.
Area Code|Telephone Number

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