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If you are a SEO or want a quick do it yourself guide you've come to the right place! Search engine optimization isnt just for SEO 's but for everyone with a website that want good search engine rankings and loads of traffic. You'll find a whole bunch of SEO tools and search enigne optimization tips. This page gets updated and SEO comments can be emailed.

Here are some web SEO Tool you might find helpful!

SEO Keyword suggestion tool
SEO Keyword density checker
SEO Google keyword duel
DMOZ Directory <- must for all sites
Free search engine submission
Free SiteMap Generator
SEO Domain Tool

First off you need some decent topic related content...content is king in the SEO world. Once you have all your content read over it and add keywords words that would help describe your site better, don’t over do it either; keyword stuffing doesn’t read nice!

Go through all the images you are going to use and save them all at a resolution of 72, no one like waiting for images to loads so the smaller they are the faster they load. When saving images make sure you name them correctly and not just 1.jpg,2.jgp.... as all images are also crawled by search engines it is important to name your images and add ATL text to them too.

When designing your site try to stick to just one table and use as little code as possible. Try to have text describing the page as close as possible to the top. The first couple of lines of text is important and if not done right you might get a meta description you don’t like and that has nothing to do with your page.

Add everything together; you should have content rich text, optimized images and a web template. Make sure all your page names in your site is very specific to the content on them and try to use some of the keywords in your page url. Create a Robots.txt and sitemap.xml file and put them in your root directory fir the search engines to find. Sitemap are tell the search engines what is in your site and where it is, and that is a very important SEO tip. You can find a free sitemap generator in our free SEO Tools above witch will crawl your first hundred pages for free.

When selecting your keywords for your site make use of a keyword suggestion tool like the one provide by overture. Write down all the keywords and the traffic they get, open Google writers duel to see how they perform in Google. Once you have all the stats on the keywords select the ones most relevant to your site and populate them into your content. Add those selected words to your Meta keywords and description. When writing your title make sure you don’t keyword stuff it but try to get as many of then in as you can. Make use of search terms that allow you to nail 2 birds with 1 the use of the term "computer sales" you get the keywords "computer" and "sale" and you also get another popular term "computer sales". Try to populate as many keywords and search phrases into your content.

By now you should be asking yourself why didn’t I just try to download a crack ver. of that SEO software, but don’t worry your almost half way...yes you read right...half way! These where just the basics that every site need to comply with in order to stand half a chance in the search engines.

Now that you have a relative well optimized site it is time to submit it to the search engines and directories. This process is ongoing and need to be done right. Only submit your site to relevant websites and try to get as many 1 way links as possible. Make sure you provide them with relevant keywords for the link to your site.

Once that's done you can start comparing your site to other site and do keyword counts and density checks, once again this might be a good time to go buy some or try a test ver somewhere! Naming everything right is crucial so make sure all your links, keywords, descriptions, page names are done correctly.

A good way of adding some keywords to your site is to add a footer every page and fill it with keywords, make sure it just a brief description and not a full page of'll get banned for that!

For more Search Engine Optimization tips check back soon! South Africa Search Engine Optimization

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